POSITRON School Management ERP is not extra cost effective for clients to maintain it and runs on standard hardware, enabling your IT staff to spend quality time, using it strategically for the institution’s benefit. By designing data and data processing on the server, it minimizes network trafficking. This architecture enables rapid deployment of system updates; easy hardware upgrades and better infrastructure that frees up resources.

POSITRON School Management Software is an administration tool for educational institutions. It helps educational organizations in their daily routine, by performing administrative and academic arena. “School management software” is also known as “School management system” or “School Management ERP System”. It encompasses complete automation; enhances quality and productivity and reduces the paperwork. POSITRON School Management ERP is a best substitution for traditional school management system. Its complete automation is a breakthrough and gateway to all stakeholders instantly to access ant device and connectivity. With this ERP system the institute binds up itself with a tech savvy image.


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