Core Features

POSITRON School Management ERP consists some great key features which are necessary for the smoother functioning of educational institute. Educational institutes can achieve great heights by leveraging features like online application, easy to schedule classroom and time table management, fully transparent attendance and assignment management system to online payments for the fees.

This ERP system is designated to port the Institution’s system to its zenith and offers modules that benefit Teachers, Students, and Staff under one roof. This ERP solution can be accessed anytime, anywhere. POSITRON School Management ERP automates the entire student life-cycle — integrating admissions, registration, student billing, financial aid, student services etc. into a single system. It also includes built-in, self-service portals, all operating on a single, secure shared database. It integrates all departments, faculties, students, alumni and other stakeholders. It enables everyone to get benefit from readily available data shared in real-time. It boosts up efficiency and reduces the number of systems of the institution.

School Management/Principal

Educator / Pedagogue


Students / Parents