POSITRON Teacher's Mobile Application Privacy Policy

Teachers will log in for the first time with their employee code and password provided by the admin.

  • Attendance: From here teachers can take attendance. By default, all students in the class will be present. The teacher will only mark the student absent in class. It will save a lot of time
  • Marks Entry: The teacher can Upload the marks of any exam from this feature.
  • Teacher Remarks: The class Teacher can set the Remarks of Each student of a Section, which will be reflected on their Report card.
  • Exam Routine: The Teacher can See the Exam Routine here.
  • Class Routine: The Teacher can See the Class Routine here.
  • Notice: The Teacher can See the Notice here.
  • Circular: The Teacher can See Any Circular here.
  • Study Materials: The teacher can upload any Study Materials for any respective Classes here.


Only that teacher can log into this application if he/she is already registered in the school ERP system. So to log into this application, one needs to enter his/her email ID (already registered in the school ERP account) and password (provided by the administrator). After that, the application requires a fingerprint for the final login.
Teachers cannot view any student’s personal information in this system.